Royal Bradley Collaborations

Our Aim and Vision

At RBI we strongly believe in the power of communities. Therefore we are working closely together with several organisations and initiatives that help local communities. We increase the level of education and schooling environment and work closely together to reduce the plastic waste problem.



Vision and Purpose

To build schools that nurture the passions and talents of children in Indonesia. We will do this with the kind funds donated to the foundation. So children have an opportunity to excel, whilst you can build your legacy.

We want our schools to have the most modern technology, the most up to date teaching methods, whilst ensuring nutritional needs are met in the form of meals and clean drinking water.


GTM is working directly with Communities and Government to prepare a Nationwide solution for the Plastic Problem.

Developing waste collection networks that connect precisely with community customs and expectations that are desperately needed to solve the plastic pollution crisis across all of Indonesia.

We are developing waste processing facilities that are decentralized and accessible to all communities.

Our goal is to provide the communities of Indonesia with the means to recycle 89% of all waste plastics and 100% of organics creating quality raw material resources.

Our clients utilize these resources and fund a buyback incentive system that puts money in the hands of those that participate in the collection networks, thus boosting local economies and improving the quality of life of many families.

By integrating GTMs organic waste processing, each facility can produce its own heat and electricity while making practical use of 92% of all solid municipal waste that would otherwise go to the land fill.

We aim to deliver these facilities with the help of investment groups so the tools can be provided for free to the people who need it most, without putting pressure on local economies.